Invitation into the Feminine

Free Online Journey

July 8th, 15th, 22th, 29th

Recordings available for who can't attend Live!



Come home to Her

To deep Fulfillment beyond the searching outside of self

Beyond searching for experience

Beyond searching for love

Beyond searching for man

She is Inviting us Into Her

She is open

She is whispering to us

She is birthing

From the depths of the pulse of Life

The invitation is here during these times

To rest into her power

The power of creation

Her beauty

Her nourishment

Her Joy filled wonder

To listen, to be, to heal, to feel

To awaken deep knowing


Coming home to who you truly are

Rested in the ground of love

Surrendered into the pure movement

Of her blissful spirals and pulsations through your being

As Love, as Life

As the free breath of Grace

Allowing the graceful unraveling of the old forms that are not in connection with Her

In this surrender into Her we meet the deepest parts of ourselves

Awakening the inner masculine as present love and in devotion to the feminine

He lays down his sword in honor and bows

He is present with her

Present with all the feelings

The pain and the joy

Present with all of life

This is the beginning of union and wholeness

And the birthing of love into the world through our womanly bodies


~ Juliet Haines


Dear Women

I invite you from my hearts on a four week journey into the feminine awakening through you. This invitation is open to all women who hear the true call. Women who have worked with me and women who are new to my body of work. 

This four week online program is a pre-birth weaving up to my 13 month online program. 

Attending this free program is a Gift from me and it is completely free. There is no obligation to continue on the 13 month transformational journey. 


Online Journey - Flow and Structure 

During each session I shall share a transmission to open the field of the depths of the feminine  with the masculine in devotion to Her. I'll guide an embodied women's practice and there shall be time for sharing and engagement with what is truly alive within the depths of you. 


Each week we shall journey into a new theme... 

* Surrender into Divine Temple of Earth Body

* The Grace of Death Opening Pure Life

* Awakening through Intimate Relating

* Birthing Feminine in the World

This container is a sacred space for transformation, healing, being, feeling and remembering who you truly are as a women during these transformational times on our planet. 

All sessions are live teachings with me.  You shall receive recordings of the sessions and be invited to a private Facebook group where you may ask questions and share what is being touched within you during this unfolding. 

Included shall be a series of women's video practices to embody the depths of Her. 


Journey Schedule 

Four consecutive Thursdays


July 8th, 15th, 22cond, 29th

Mountain Daylight Time - MDT  (UTC-6)
10:30am - 12:00pm

 Central European Daylight & South Africa Time  - CEDT (UTC+2)
6:30pm - 8:00pm


Journey Investment 

This program is valued at $444 and is being given as a Gift at no cost to all women who have a sincere dedication to meeting the depths of the feminine. 


We invite you to share this Gift and invitation with women far and wide around the world!



Juliet is a truly gifted facilitator who creates a space of love, acceptance, ease and transformation in her immersion experiences of awakening our feminine essence as women. What I find profound is the palpable experience of Juliet’s connection and deep faith in the emergent process of transformation - she co-creates with Life itself and leads with presence. She is deeply responsive to what is alive in the space and engages with grace, strength and confidence as we explore the tender, wounded, enlivening and beautiful facets of ourselves together as women. Juliet has the capacity to work deeply with one individual while being of benefit to the rest of the group, never losing touch with what’s alive in the collective field of the group. That is a powerful facilitator! Since my work with Juliet I feel much more intimate with the sexual/Life energy that flows through me in waves. I am able to honor that flow much more deeply and am learning to move with it, rather than engaging with sexuality and life from some sense of obligation or conditioning. It has brought a tender sweetness, deeper intimacy and natural flow of sensual and sexual engagement in my relationship with my beloved husband.

Sandra Visser

International leadership and Collaboration coach, Colorado

"My wife Katie did one of Juliet's women's retreat. She came home and her energy was completely different. She had a connection to her body and her sensuality that was profoundly awake and aligned with her heart. She had been experiencing blocks and was not feeling open to being intimate with me. Now the love and intimacy has come together for us, this is astoundingly beautiful. She unlocked vibrantly alive ways of being which she previously didn't have access to.

I then got to experience Juliet's work with Katie and just after the first day the energy that was opened up in Juliet's field catalyzed a deep opening of our heads, hearts and sexuality all flowing together with each other and within ourselves. This has never been available to us before and we have done a lot of sexuality and intimacy workshops. We have been together for 12 years and have done multi day tantra workshops, but nothing has opened the space of us being in love and in our sexuality together in such an beautiful and uninhibited way. We have been basking in this opening and feeling so blessed and grateful.

Juliet has a shamanic ability to see and move into spaces as they arise. Her essence is a deeply embodied feminine. She holds a grounding masculine presence and clear potency of truth when needed. This is striking to witness her integration of both energies and how she moves and meets each individual and the group with access to what is needed in each moment."

John Holle

Lawyer and Father

More About Juliet

Juliet Haines is a guardian of ancient feminine wisdom streams and a midwife of soul. She has guided over a thousand women around the world  in birthing their divinity through their womanly bodies. Her gift is to guide women into the remembering of who they truly are, through deep surrender into Great Mother and the grace of the Divine Feminine, awakening the depths of the feminine, with the masculine in devotion to Her.

Juliet’s primordial transmission awoke through immersing in mother nature opening into the depths of the feminine. She has spent hours daily listening and sensing into the fine subtlety of the pure aliveness, potency, love and wisdom of the feminine moving through her body. It was during this time that she received a clear message that she is here to birth the feminine into the world. She has been dedicated to the Feminine for 15 years with a deep meeting of the inner masculine, the light of consciousness within her body, heart and head as penetrating truth, silence and presence in devotional love to the feminine. 

This is a journey of embodying ancient feminine wisdom streams available to all women. The primordial roots of Shakti as pure life force and power, Divine Feminine and Great Mother. 

The feminine continues to awaken more deeply through her, by listening, surrender into the eternal She, with the willingness to meet all of humanity with love and presence. The feminine transmits through her being as graceful undulating spirals and pulsations of life, sharing wisdom, transformation and healing, birthing the depths of essence, petal by petal.

Juliet is humbly honoured to have guided over a thousand women around the world on this journey, each women touching her deeply. Her devotion is being oracle, as vessel for direct transmission of Divine Feminine and Great Mother through her embodied wisdom. She has been touched by profoundly inspiring beings along her journey of awakening and she is in deep honor to those who have come before her. 


Juliet was born on the tip of Africa where she spent most of her waking life, she now lives amongst enchanted forest and glazier mountain stream in New Mexico with her beloved soul family. This land is a birthing ground for the Divine Feminine and she invites all those who hear the call to gather there. 

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