When women support each other on this profound journey, grace emerges and the depths of love and beauty blossoms.

through this awakening of the feminine we surrender into the grace of death and birth our souls as forms of love into the world in honor and devotion to great mother and the divine feminine.

This is our gift and calling as woman

Women from the Online Program Share Their Journeys...

We invite you into the depths of the feminine with women

around the world!


As we journey into the feminine


Layers open within our bodies


That have been protected and hardened


Opening and softening around our hearts and wombs


emptying into the grace of silent surrender


Spaciousness and holding to feel the feelings


relationships with the masculine emerge to become more whole


healing of hurts where the feminine has been pushed down


unraveling of ancient conditioning, imprinting and patterning


awakening and healing of our sexuality and purification of our power


Being present with all that arises in the deepest compassion


Channeling the potency of our fire, as penetrating truth and clarity


This opens an immense amount of life rising through us


Our womanly bodies surrender into beauty, bliss and radiance


resting deeply within the embodiment of the feminine


Making love to our human tenderness


She welcomes and invites us home to rest into the depths of Her


into her pulsating undulating nectar 


into the vast mystery of the blackness of her womb


the fertile ground of being where the grace of the divine enters


Nourishing and igniting us into our fullness, wisdom and power


transmitting through us as what is deeply true to be birthed during these times


birthing soul through our hearts and wombs in devotion to great mother and divine feminine

Invitation into the Feminine - Welcome and Transmission

Honoring the feminine as the power of creation, the divine mystery of life. She is the mother holding us in her nourishment, her wisdom, deep remembering. She, the divine feminine softly opening grace through us as a sacred flower of beauty and love to be honored through devotional presence. She is the fire of truth that burns through all the untruths. She is calling us to listen to Her, to come home to Her during these transformational times in our world. We are in Her birthing canal and Her birthing contractions shall continue for years to come.

To birth new forms of creation that are in honor of Her. 

spiraling inwards and downwards into the depths of her birthing through you as pure life​

Women are guided by Juliet Haines, Guardian of ancient feminine wisdom, Midwife of soul who has supported over a thousand women across the world on this profound journey. 

  • Awaken love through embodying the depth of feminine with the divine masculine in devotion to her 
  • Remember who you truly are through the power of your holy sexuality by surrendering into the womb of creation
  • Embrace intimate relating with the masculine for your deepening into wholeness
  • Welcome your tenderness and vulnerability by melting the hardness of your protection with love and presence
  • Embody your fire and power by embracing deep feelings
  • Surrender into the  wisdom and nourishment of the earth body as the manifest body of the divine feminine
  • Relax into the vast mystery of life, the sweet fertile nectar of creation 
  • Open your radiant beauty embodying your sexual essence into your heart and the divine, embodying your divinity
  • Unravel the collective conditioning, personal and ancestral patterning creating imprints of the masculine and feminine
  • Integrate the archetypal split between power and love, divine and density, heart and belly through the Eve and Lilith (virgin and whore) Methodology
  • Embody your divinity with love in your intimacy with self, others and the world
  • Receive the masculine as truth, silence, presence, containment and devotion to Her
  • Deepen into who you truly are, where the divine masculine in devotion to the awakened feminine births Her into the world

Sacred Container to Support Your Transformation

The 13 Month Journey consists of 26 Live Teaching and Mentoring Sessions with Juliet guiding you through the thirteen modules that are the core content of the program. 


You shall receive a series of "Awakening Depths of Feminine" transmissions engaging breath, subtle body movements, awareness, and sound.  Practices involve Journaling, Contemplation, Meditation, Truthful Reflection, and Sacred Touch. 


The program consists of:

  • A live monthly 2 hr “Teaching Session” video call with Juliet.  You will acquire the gnosis and receive an initiation into the embodied presence of the divine Feminine with the Masculine in devotion to Her birthing through you and into your life.
  • Each session will include:
    • A recording of the live session
    • A written PDF document of the teaching materials
    • Reflection questions for contemplation and digestion
    • Practice videos for each module demonstrated by Juliet
  • A second monthly live 2 hr “Practice and Mentoring Session” video call with Juliet. You will have the space and time to engage with Juliet about what has been arising within you, as you go deeper into the contemplation questions and the module materials.
  • A “Private Facebook” group to share your reflections about the contemplation questions with the women on the program.
  • A course website to access all material including recorded teaching session, mentoring session, PDF documents, ritual practices, contemplation questions and feminine embodied meditation videos. 


An overview of the transformational journey through the depth of the feminine


Juliet's personal journey of awakening through intimate relating


I Would Like To Share A Part Of My Personal Journey With You...

D E E P  F E M I N I N E  E S S E N C E​

Discover the depth of the feminine 

Discover the depths of the feminine through releasing the patriarchal masculine, and receiving the divine masculine. Open to the depths of her through meeting the depths of him. She is radiant joy of being, ground of love, power of creation, pure passion and beauty, transformation and awakening, force of nature, depths of wisdom and knowing. Awaken to the feminine as the true movement of life through you, and a journey of embodying your divinity. This shall be a continuous deepening into Her throughout the program, as we unravel the layers of patriarchal imprinting and conditioning. 

B O D Y   T E M P L E

Surrender your body into the divine temple of the earth body 

Soften and surrender your body into the divine temple of the earth body nourishing you. Through this honoring meeting with your body, soften body judgments and comparison creating tension and tightness around your heart and womb. Meet the deep inner parts of your humanity that push life down, that contract into hardness and disconnection. Soften your body, love yourself deeply and surrender into coming home to Her. 

E L E M E N T A L   W I L D N E S S

Immerse with the elements awakening through you as Her

Expand into the aliveness of the earth pulsating through your body, the caress of the fresh air breathing you, the sensual waters of life undulating in your pelvis, and the sun lighting the fire rippling up your spine. Meet the parts of yourself that have been closed to life and surrender into the opening of life flowing through you. Welcome life as an embodied prayer, being fully alive in this body. 

F E M I N I N E   S H A P I N G

unravel how the feminine has been shaped by collective conditioning, personal & cultural patterning and ancestral imprinting

Create embodied awareness of how the feminine has been shaped and conditioned by the collective. And the way in which your feminine essence has been conditioned by culture and religion as well as your personal life story and ancestral imprinting. Unravel these layers of conditioning and imprints of masculine and feminine. Receive the gifts of your life story and family of origin. Awaken direct connection into the truth of the masculine and feminine. Open to where your feminine essence and life shall blossom through your being.

S A C R E D   F L O W E R 

Intimately meet your womb and yoni as the gateway to her

Heal the places that have been numbed or closed deep within your womb holding ancestral memory or the consciousness from past intimate relating and collective feminine wounds. Experience your yoni as a divine flower, honoring her as a gateway connecting you with the aliveness and mystery of Her deep wisdom. Listen to Her whispers guiding you home into the depths of your feminine essence. Come home into the feminine, the womb of creation, rest into the depth of your wisdom and knowing. Listen to Her.

L I L I T H  A N D   E V E  A R C H E T Y P E S

integrate the split between the feminine archetypes of

lilith and eve (virgin and whore)

Integrate the split between power and love, divine and density, heart and belly through the Eve and Lilith (virgin and whore) Methodology. Release archetypal patterns where you have used your feminine power or withheld your feminine essence. See if you hold yourself as virtuous. Meet how committed you are to yourself. Bring awareness to your fantasies of love relationship. See how you have misused your innocence to get what you want. Humble self righteousness and ways in which you have put yourself above others. Uncover the competitiveness, suspicion, judgements and betrayals between women and heal these hurts to form sisterhood. 

F L A M E  O F  L O V E

Awaken the feminine into your heart as radiant love

Awaken the pure innocence and wonderment in your heart to love and be loved and the power of the flame of truth in your belly. Open your heart into deep vulnerability and nakedness, allow your heart to soften where all the protection melts open into love. Transform emotionality and story  into deep heart body feeling. Open your sexual essence into the healing power of life and the flame of transformation and truth. Feel the Flame of Love dancing within you as pure passion. Awaken your Heart’s Longing and let your longing open and take you ever deeper into the Flame of Love, within your true essence as woman.

P U R I F I E D  P O W E R

Embody your true power through the release of the manipulation of power

Purify your sexual essence, as the power of life. See how you have closed due to the fear of the power of creation. Fully embody the rage of the feminine with presence awakening into the fire of your power. Release the misuse of power of manipulation, which is a collective unconscious patterning within the world from patriarchy. Transform unconscious movements of desire and anger. Embody the pure power of the feminine, which does not move to manipulate, seduce or control, which does not desire something for self or go into explosive reactive dynamics. Humble heart to the ground, hollow out and bow down in devotion to the power of Her moving through you with the deepest surrender. Rest within the power of all of creation. 

I N N E R  U N I O N

An intimate meeting of the inner masculine and feminine

Welcome the Divine Masculine as holding the feminine in devotional presence, a container to meet the depths of you in love. Fall in love with the masculine as emptiness and silence, the presence that never leaves. Love and heal the woundings of mistrust between the masculine and feminine. Open into the creative power of the Inner Union of the Mature Masculine of focus, service, efficiency, clarity and the Mature Feminine of inspiration, creativity, wisdom, intuition, joy. This theme shall be woven throughout the journey. 

A W A K E N I N G  I N T I M A C Y

Open Into Intimacy with Self, Other and Life 

Bring awareness and compassion to your projections and unconscious reactions in your intimate relating with self, other and life. Beneath the openings and closings, pushes and pulls and protection meet your vulnerability, deep feeling and tenderness with presence and love. Create an awake relationship with attraction and embody your sacred sexuality. Be in devotion to meeting yourself and intimate other in truth, wisdom and love. Embody love in relating and see the other as a gift to become more whole within yourself.

R E L A T I O N S H I P  A S  S P I R I T U A L  P A T H

Deepen into the gift of the divine dance of attraction in relationship

Open into the container of relationship as a spiritual path to embodying your soul. Honor relationship as a holy space to unravel your ancestral imprinting and to heal your core wounding. Become aware of the seasons of the relationship as the imprints, collective conditioning and patterns transform. Allow the death and rebirth of the forms of relationship. Open into the flow of grace from union with other into inner union for the deepening in love shared. Purify the old forms of making love and being sexually intimate and create the invitation to make love with yourself, your partner and with all of life. Embody your feminine essence in relationship.

I G N I T I N G  T R U T H

Ignite the feminine into your throat as the Flame of truth

Release the times you have not spoken your truth and where the true feminine expression has been repressed for thousands of years due to patriarchy.  Meet personal and collective fears that limit you from speaking truth and re-claim your authentic word. Transform the narrative from your identified ways of being. Express truth rested in love within your intimate relating. Bring presence and consciousness to your spoken word for manifestation. Rest into your wisdom and express from an embodied knowing from the depths of your being. Embody the sword of truth rested in your heart and womb, which penetrates unconsciousness with clarity and love.

D I V I N E  L O V E  M A K I N G  I N 

T H E  W O R L D​

Surrender into the depths of the feminine birthing your soul into the world 

Surrender into the devotional sacredness of life connected to your divinity. Open into the grace of death, empty out and release the old ways you have created in the world. Let go of experience and rest in the nothingness, into the fertile ground of being, the blackness of the womb of creation. Listen finely within the subtlest new movements of pure life, from deep down within earth mother, connected to your divine essence, your soul, in devotion to why you are here, birthing love. Make love with the world. 

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